A Shady Summer…

Colored shades are everywhere and we’re living for them. This early 2000’s staple is coming back in all the classic colors like pink, blue, yellow and many more, this time around they’re coming in all shapes and sizes. Thin rectangles, cat eye, big aviators, you name it there’s pair of sunglasses to match your outfit with. Here are some glasses we’re loving…



Now Trending: Flared Jeans

Flared Jeans are making a comeback this spring/summer 2016 thanks to the revival of the 70’s. So you know what that means? Yes, time to put away those skinny jeans for a while and get yourself a brand new pair of flared jeans. For the ultimate trendy boho/hippie look pair them with a loose printed shirt, if you want to stay true to the 70’s look pair the trousers with a bold printed fitting shirt and some outrageous platforms. Another thing you can wear with your flared jeans is stripped shirts, either ribbed or a basic knit. If you’re looking for a more modern vibe to your jeans try a leotard (bodysuit), these will hug your every curve and seem like a regular tank-top. Here are some ways to style your 70’s flared jeans..



Summer is Coming

Summer is around the corner and you know what that means: Bathing-Suit Season! Don’t you worry you’re not the only one who’s going hard at the gym for that summer beach-bod, we all are. Wondering which bathing suit to get? Don’t worry I got you. If you’re a curvy gal like me I recommend you get the trendy high-waisted bikini, it covers the belly and any trouble area. The one-piece bathing-suit is back with a boom, I myself have been looking into getting one in black, they’re so slimming, they accentuate and glorify a woman’s curves; why wouldn’t you want that? Another bathing-suit that’s trending is the high-neck, this high-neck is a modern twist to the bikini that allows room for cool designs but just watch out for the tan lines. Here are some bathing-suits to look out for this Summer 2017..



The Pijama Party

The pijama party has been trending in the runway recently, designer like Alexander Wang and Dolce and Gabbana have been showcasing their version of this slumber trend. This trend can be worn both ways: embracing it or complimenting it. How you ask? Basically, either you go all out with a silk dress or you pair a silk shirt with jeans. Silk can be dressed up or down, and don’t worry, if you’re on a budget there are plenty of polyesters that mimic satin! This funky trend will be seen this spring/summer due to silks lightweight and breezy-ness. Here are some pijama-themed looks..



Megatrend: Visceral

This weeks Megatrend for S/S 2016 will be Visceral: The Digital Warrior. This trend is all about color, bold graphic prints, and statement pieces. The trend will be sport driven, modern and technology inspired, I mean asymmetrical cuts, geometrical prints, and edgy pieces. Get your visceral on by grabbing an edgy graphic printed shirt or jacket and pair it with black jeans and some sneakers, remember, the blouse will be the statement piece so the rest can be black or white. Here are some examples of the Visceral Trend..


Color of the Week: Lavender

The new color of this week is Lavender! Pastels are so in this season and lavender is included, the soft color can be color blocked with pastel yellow, pink and even blue. Match with florals for an adorable, sweet, and soft combination, throw in some nude sandals or flats and you’re ready for this summer! Don’t over power your lavender piece with colorful garments because you will be over-powered..Here are some ways to wear get your lavender on..


Color of the Week: Yellow

This weeks color is yellow! But specifically pastel yellow or “custard” (specified by the pantone color palette). Pastel yellow is a soft color you can wear for spring and summer; wear it in a dress, blouse, pant or skirt, let it be the soft pop of color in your outfit. Wear the color with a simple printed complimentary piece (no wild prints) or with denim! Here are some ways you can rock your pastel yellow..


Color of the Week: Orange

Summer is coming and you know what that means?! Bright colors! Last weeks color was Teal; this weeks color is Orange/Tangerine. Orange is a daring color, you have to know how to balance it or you’ll look like a walking highlighter. This color looks great in any skin color but it especially stands out with darker skin tone, it’s a breath-taking, gorgeous contrast. Wear this color as a bold pair of pants, skirt, or dress; it can even be used as pop of color in a scarf or bag. When using try to use with simple patterns or color blocking with other bright colors such as turquoise, fuchsia or even yellow. Here are some examples of how to wear orange this spring/summer season..


M.I.A in Miami

Hello my fashionable readers! I’m sorry I’ve been Missing In Action for the past couple of months. As you know I reside in
Miami and I’m currently working on my Bachelors degree in Fashion Design, and boy has school made me busy. I’ve majorly bettered my illustration, design, and sewing skills! But I will start giving my page and you guys love..for now here are some of my illustrations so you get an idea of what I’ve been up to..


How to Manage Prints

Prints will always be incorporated somehow in your outfit, weather it’s your blouse, pants, skirt, dress, shoes or even purse. Try to stay away from putting prints on prints, you don’t want to look like a printed mess. Match your prints with solid colors, and let your accessories such as your purse, necklace or ring be an accent color from the print. Here are some examples of how to manage your prints..