The Fanny Pack

The classic fanny pack is making a comeback, this time with a more fashionable twist. The dad-accessory has been rebooted by major brand names like Gucci, Balenciaga, and many more. The fanny pack is being used in many different ways, across the shoulder, on the waist and around the hip, they’re a statement piece that come in bright or muted colors, prints and many different shapes. Here are some favorites..



A Shady Summer…

Colored shades are everywhere and we’re living for them. This early 2000’s staple is coming back in all the classic colors like pink, blue, yellow and many more, this time around they’re coming in all shapes and sizes. Thin rectangles, cat eye, big aviators, you name it there’s pair of sunglasses to match your outfit with. Here are some glasses we’re loving…



Style Icon: Tyler the creator

California based rapper Tyler the creator has been creating waves with his fashion sense since the beginning of his musical career. His colorful suburban aesthetic have inspired the youth to stick to classic silhouettes with bright colors. Tyler has always used fashion as a way to express himself and even created his own clothing brand titled GOLF which has gotten huge support from Kanye West and best friend Kendall Jenner. His last SS18′ collection showed during NYFW last February where skating and riding bikes was the norm in that catwalk. Tyler ever performed and gave out CDs of his to the audience, he featured bright shades of yellow, blue and green and several short pants and t-shirts in different prints and colors. GOLF is a fun and happy brand that everyone should definitely check out..





Sporty Elegance

Recently we’ve been bombarded with sportswear brands everywhere and that’s because they offer maximum comfort with a trendy and retro aesthetic. Old-school brands like Adidas, Fila, Puma and Champion are re-surfacing with their classic styles meanwhile new-comers like Supreme, Kith, and Off-White are teaming up with these pioneers in streetwear to create magic. Recent capsule collections to mention include ChampionXKith and the Daniëlle Cathari collaboration with Adidas, these two collections showcase an elegant twist to athleisure. Comfort is in..



Champion’s Comeback

Athletic streetwear brand Champion has re-gained notoriety thanks to the athleisure aesthetic movement that is on full force. Champion was popular during the late 90s and early 2000s and known for their iconic “C” logo which is a main detail in their recent collections. They have collaborated with major fashion house Kith for a capsule collection which sold out and boosted both brand incredibly. Influential celebrities like Cardi B, Rihanna and the Kardashians have been spotted sporting their Champion tracksuits around the world. Thank God for these trends because they keep getting more and more comfortable every season!



The Importance of Red

This week we’ll be discussing how wearing the color red makes us so confident, it’s meaning and the psychology behind it. Red is the color of nobility, it’s the color most used on flags, it’s the color of brand success (Coca-Cola) and of feminism (like red lipstick). Red can make us feel empowered and passionate, Christian Dior once said “it’s a very energetic and beneficial color, it’s the color of life and it suits any skin tone”. Red has been dominating the S/S 18′ runway and the streets, the color has been emerging from Asian streetwear being used as a bold statement color that’ll grab your attention. Red will be transitioning into this year’s A/W season so watch out..



Style Icon: Zendaya

Zendaya Coleman has grown up from a tween Disney Channel star to an amazing and talented young woman before our eyes, so has her wardrobe. The singer, model and actress has graced every red carpet event with her sophisticated style and boy does she work it. Personally I live for everything this woman wears, she looks stunning even in sweats! Zendaya can rock bold colors, fitted or loose silhouettes, power suits, gowns, you name it, there is no limit to her style, she’s like a fashion chameleon. For this reason is that Zendaya Coleman is one of my favorite Style Icons..



Who to Follow

Instagram is one of my favorite outlets for inspiration when it comes to my closet, seeing endless outfit opportunities motivates me to experiment with colors, textures, layers prints and many more. I follow several stylist, designers, bloggers, artists and overall influential people who post captivating images that feature their style. This weeks pick are Amy Lee (@amyvagabondd), Jerry Lorenzo (@jerrylorenzo), and Julia Dang (@juliaadang).

Amy Lee is a California based Youtuber who features videos about fashion, travel, DIYs, advice, vlogs and life occurrences. Her sartorial style is modern, elegant, minimalistic yet incredibly fashionable and comfortable for the day to day. She shares tips and tricks to stay on trend, so check her out!

Jerry Lorenzo is the founder and head designer for the mens streetwear brand Fear of God. Considered one of the most creative people in 2017 Jerry designs with comfort as a priority, his collections feature variations of sweatpants, hoodies, shirts and outerwear that feature a variation of basic to elaborate trims. His page can definitely serve for some inspiration.

Julia Dang is half of the duo called TheLineUp, I’ve been following them since 2015 and have seen their style evolve with time and current trends. I love seeing their lookbook videos, shoe or jacket collections, and hauls, they have plenty of material to feed your fashion fix.


These Thigh High Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Thigh high boots have been trending for the past two years and they aren’t going anywhere, the newest variation of this is a straight and wider silhouette. Versace featured embellished boots for their SS 17′ and Pre Fall 18′ collection, meanwhile Off-White included the straight boot in their RTW 18′ collection last February. Other major brands like Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Balmain, Balenciaga and Elie Saab have incorporated this statement boot into their 2018 collections, so grab a pair and rock em’!



Work that Patch

A reoccurring trend throughout the years is patchwork, every time more elevated and modern than the last season. Patchwork is needlework in which small pieces of cloth in different designs, colors or textures are sewn together into a one of a kind garment. Luxury brands like Chloé, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent have featured patchwork on their collections as well as the streetwear brand “Supreme” which released a collection  that included pieces made with this technique. Patchwork can be used with anything imaginable, denim, plaid, floral, color blocking, you name it, this technique isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…