The Art of Androgyny

Gender fluidity is starting to trend and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The art of Androgyny is the beautiful form of being able to embody female and male characteristics and traits, something not all of us can pull off. This look is fierce, bold, daring and it’s dominating the runway and fashion industry. So don’t be surprised if next season you see men wearing skirts because thanks to celebrities like Jayden Smith and models like Willy Cartier who are normalizing these pieces to be gender fluid. The women are also taking part of this trend, every time wearing more loose, boxy silhouettes and trousers. What a time to be alive, living without gender labels in the Fashion Industry! Here are some bold people rocking that androgynous look..



Winter is Here!

Winter is here and so am I, pardon the Holiday vacations! Winter is finally here and with a vengeance. I’m currently freezing my butt in this 60 degree Miami weather, I can’t imagine any of you guys! What can you wear for this ice cold weather? Well, layers of fashionable clothes! Winter is all about layers on layers. Quick tip: If it’s freezing wherever you live start with a tank-top and leggings as a base, it adds a bit of extra warmth. Oversized sweaters are currently trending accompanied by a big coat. Boots, sneakers and any closed toe shoe helps you keep your feet warm, wear double socks if needed. Beanies, caps and hats will keep you warm as well as scarves. Remember to keep all of these pieces neutral, we don’t want to have too much going on; use colors like: grey, black, beige, white, navy blue, and brown. Here are some examples of how to bundle up this winter season..Hope you stay warm!



Now Trending: Turtlenecks!

A must have for this fall/winter season is the iconic turtleneck! This piece keeps your neck warm while making you look so sophisticated. Turtlenecks are most fashionable in neutral tones, black, beige, camo green, navy blue and grey. This piece goes perfect with layers, a big coat on top, a bomber jacket or even by itself, big and bulky. Here are some ways to wear your turtleneck this fall/winter..



Now Trending: Quilted Everything!

Hey Gals! Today is stepped outside of my doorstep and was greeted by Fall/Winter weather, you know what that means? Yes, time to pull out my official Fall/Winter wardrobe. Luckily since I live in the lovely tropical city of Miami I don’t have to suit up that much, but jackets are necessary. Today I’ll be talking to you guys about quilted everything and how it’s trending. We’ve seen quilted purses jackets, skirts, shirts and even pants, and now’s the time to embrace it. The quilted bomber jacket is having a moment, this versatile quilted piece matches with jeans, body-con dresses, and basically anything form fitting. Quilted dresses, skirts and tops are also very much in style, and can be paired up with anything as long as they are form fitting, you don’t want to look like a bulky marshmallow with too much volume going on. Here are some ways to wear quilted pieces this Fall/Winter..


Color of the Week: Amethyst Orchid

This weeks color of the week is Amethyst Orchid or what we call Lilac; I’ll be taking this shade of purple to what’s trending in hair. You’ve seen this hair color everywhere from Pinterest to Tumblr, pastel purple hair is in and has been in for a while now. It sure is a commitment but oh boy is it a fashion statement, the room will revolve around you! I don’t see this fun and funky trend dying out soon so step outside of the box and try something new! Here are some ladies rocking their purple hair..


Fall Essentials: Faux Leather Jacket

I’ve decided to create a new series of things I think are essential for this Fall season. My first piece will be the faux leather jacket, the cruelty free and trendy piece to keep us warm this fall. You can literally wear this piece with you’re PJ’s and you can look good, this is a piece that automatically makes you look good! Pair it with ripped jeans, a body-con dress, or a skirt; use boots for an edgy look, strappy sandals for a formal look or even sneakers for a laid-back look. The possibilities for that versatile piece are endless. Here are some ways you can use your faux leather jacket…


Color of the Week: Cashmere Rose

I’m back! And I’m here to bring you guys the fall color of the week: Cashmere Rose or what we call “baby pink”. Pink in fall? Yes, it can be done. Nude tones of pink are in year round, this delicate pink is so neutral that it can be worn year round. So don’t be afraid to use your pink pieces; match them with any neutral tone: grey, white, navy blue, beige, black, even a light shade of camo green. Here are some ways to look pretty in pink..


Now Trending: The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is the perfect stylish piece for fall, it’s not too warm but it does the job. This classic 80s style is prove that everything makes a comeback and boy have we seen this one everywhere recently. This jacket looks best in classy neutral colors, such as grey, black, nude, and camo green, make this the subtle statement piece of your outfit. This jacket is so versatile you can wear it with strappy sandals or sneakers, the options are endless. Here are some ways to wear your bomber jacket..


Color of the Week: Desert Sage

This weeks color is Desert Sage; a beautiful light shade of green that is now trending! You’ve seen it on the runway, you’ve seen it on celebrities and now i’m going to show you how to rock that desert sage. This color is on the more neutral side of the Pantone Fall 2015 palette so you might want to use it with toned down colors and prints. Pair this soft green with black, beige, and grey; this color is pretty modern and edgy so try to embrace your architectural side and be daring. Here are some desert sage colored outfits for you guys..


Color of the Week: Reflecting Pond

This weeks Pantone color of the week is “Reflecting Pond” or what we call Navy Blue. Navy Blue is a sophisticated color everybody should have in their wardrobe for fall or any season. This shade of blue matches well with subtle prints and colors; this is not a color to go crazy with, so no color pops nor crazy prints. A fitted navy blue blazer is a must in anyones closet; match it with a white blouse and some black pants and you’ve got yourself an outfit that says “authority”. Here are some ways that you can incorporate navy blue to your style..