Style Icon: Tyler the creator

California based rapper Tyler the creator has been creating waves with his fashion sense since the beginning of his musical career. His colorful suburban aesthetic have inspired the youth to stick to classic silhouettes with bright colors. Tyler has always used fashion as a way to express himself and even created his own clothing brand titled GOLF which has gotten huge support from Kanye West and best friend Kendall Jenner. His last SS18′ collection showed during NYFW last February where skating and riding bikes was the norm in that catwalk. Tyler ever performed and gave out CDs of his to the audience, he featured bright shades of yellow, blue and green and several short pants and t-shirts in different prints and colors. GOLF is a fun and happy brand that everyone should definitely check out..





Now Trending: Adidas

It’s pretty obvious that Adidas sneakers are trending; they’re all I see as soon as I leave my house! They’re on every celebrity and most importantly: They’re affordable. These sneakers are a stylish investment that match with almost everything. Weather you want them to be a statement or another neutral piece in your wardrobe, they come in all colors from yellow to grey, the possibilities are endless. Wear them with a dress, jeans, leggings, or just about anything! Here are some of my favorites..



Color of the Week: Reflecting Pond

This weeks Pantone color of the week is “Reflecting Pond” or what we call Navy Blue. Navy Blue is a sophisticated color everybody should have in their wardrobe for fall or any season. This shade of blue matches well with subtle prints and colors; this is not a color to go crazy with, so no color pops nor crazy prints. A fitted navy blue blazer is a must in anyones closet; match it with a white blouse and some black pants and you’ve got yourself an outfit that says “authority”. Here are some ways that you can incorporate navy blue to your style..


Color of the Week: Marsala

This Weeks color is the color of the year: Marsala. This tone of burgundy/red has been trending since early this yeah and it’s time to talk about it. Marsala is the epitome of fall/winter, it’s a dark tone of red promotes sophistication, seduction, and elegance, it’s color that matches with navy blue, dark green, black, white, grey, nude, and much more! Marsala is a color that will instantly give you a boost of sophistication with a fierce and trendy twist, perfect for the professional woman on the go. Wear it as a blazer, faux-leather jacket, sweater, or even statement trousers. Here are some examples of how you can incorporate the color Marsala into your wardrobe..


Color of the Week: Grey

Fall is coming and we’ve got to get out wardrobes ready! Each week I’ll be presenting you guys a new color from the Pantone color report for Fall 2015. This weeks color is grey, the most neutral and easy to wear color in the palette. Grey is one of the most trending colors right now and I’m going to show you how to sport it. The grey trend is all about being sporty chic rocking sneakers or strappy heels. The best thing about the color grey is that it matches with any other color so you can wear it with beige, white, black, green, even blue, the color combinations are endless. You can use a grey piece and layer it with other neutrals and it won’t look too over-worked. This color is extremely versatile and is a color we all need in our wardrobes. Here are some ways to wear the color grey for this fall season..


Color of the Week: Lavender

The new color of this week is Lavender! Pastels are so in this season and lavender is included, the soft color can be color blocked with pastel yellow, pink and even blue. Match with florals for an adorable, sweet, and soft combination, throw in some nude sandals or flats and you’re ready for this summer! Don’t over power your lavender piece with colorful garments because you will be over-powered..Here are some ways to wear get your lavender on..


Color of the Week: Orange

Summer is coming and you know what that means?! Bright colors! Last weeks color was Teal; this weeks color is Orange/Tangerine. Orange is a daring color, you have to know how to balance it or you’ll look like a walking highlighter. This color looks great in any skin color but it especially stands out with darker skin tone, it’s a breath-taking, gorgeous contrast. Wear this color as a bold pair of pants, skirt, or dress; it can even be used as pop of color in a scarf or bag. When using try to use with simple patterns or color blocking with other bright colors such as turquoise, fuchsia or even yellow. Here are some examples of how to wear orange this spring/summer season..


Color of the Week: Teal

It’s spring and colors are in! This week’s color is teal/aquamarine, it’s in the official pantone palette of colors for spring! Teal is an accent color that could be matched with white, beige, coral, light brown, and denim. It could be used in any piece of clothing as long as it doesn’t over power the whole outfit and you end up looking like a little blueberry. Accent the outfit with a nude bag and pumps or sandals (not anything too colorful, remember that the teal is your pop of color) and you’re done! Here are some perfect spring ready outfits..