Color of 2018: Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet has been named the color of 2018 and what an electric shade of purple it is! This bold tone sets the mood for a modern technology driven 2018 and stars have embraced it. Style icon Rihanna has embraced it creating a new lip color for her Fenty collection and featuring it in her PUMAXFENTY SS18 collection this past fashion week season. Something tells me that this vivid color isn’t going anywhere..



Style Icon: J Balvin

Colombian pop-rapper J Balvin has been breaking charts with his lively beat and *blank* lyrics, but he’s also known for his out-of-the-box fashion sense. This risk-taker has dyed his hair many times, sometimes combining it with his outfits for big events, he’s not afraid of color, prints, textures and mixing everything all together. Personally, I can’t wait to see his outfits for the red carpet and events, he always wears something new, bright and bold, he himself is a statement..




Recently texts have been popular on brands like Balenciaga, Moschino and Puma, we’ve seen them on shoes, bags, jackets and everything in between. Some texts are an accent, some are the statement element of the garment, messages can get political or complete satire, texts can be sprayed on, painted, printed, or sewed on. Make a statement this upcoming season and DIY it yourself onto your garment..



The Great Race

Race car jackets have been popping up here and there at the moment, but they’re coming on full throttle. Authentic race car jackets are made with special fibers to protect the drivers from potential accidents and fire but they’ve become a fashion statement. These trendy protective jackets offer a variety of colors thanks to the patches of different brands that promote themselves on these pieces. Recently Rihanna debuted her SS18′ collection which was inspired in motocross and boy did she deliver. The bright color blocking and font used gives us the moto-sport feeling for this upcoming summer. If you’re interested in this race car jacket trend but you’re on a budget hit up your local thrift shop, there is bound to be a couple of them or you can search for it on ebay, there are tons of them!





Fire Fashion

Ever since the word “fire” started being used as a positive connotation for something that’s cool we’ve been seeing it everywhere, *insert fire emoji*. Saying that something is fire is saying that it’s incredible, hot, crazy, etc. so naturally it has made the transition into the fashion industry. Flames have been featured as patches on jackets, painted hems in pants and on printed on graphic t-shirts, it’s definitely a statement symbol and will surely catch everyones attention. As the summer slowly arrives I don’t think that this 90s throwback trend is going anywhere…


Fashion Capital: Seoul, South Korea

One of the most influential cities in the fashion and beauty industry is currently Seoul, South Korea. Koreans have been thriving in the beauty world for years with their incredible skin care products that are becoming popular in the United States, and now they’re taking over the fashion industry by a storm. Seoul has become the birthplace of several trends, forecasters are traveling all the way over there to see what’s next, bold colors, several layers and baggy silhouettes are some of the trends shared between the USA and South Korea at the moment. I personally love how they’re not afraid to call everyone’s attention with their striking wardrobe combinations…


The Fila Comeback

The 90s trends revival have brought back brands into style like Adidas, Reebok and now Fila. Retro street wear has been trending for the past year thanks to artists, stylists, bloggers, and models who influence what’s in style. Fila is now making a comeback and they’re delivering amazing and minimalistic sportswear items with bold colors and strategic color-blocking. Common and important pieces in all of their collections include jackets, t-shirts, sweatpants and their iconic “Disruptor” sneaker which are a must have statement shoe they’re incredibly chunky and comfy.



Unconventional Beauty: Models to Follow

Society has it’s standards of what’s beautiful, hour-glass figure, clear skin, perfect teeth, long luscious hair, the list goes on and on but millennials are changing these standards. The perspective on beauty is changing, and I’m here for it. Every day we see new models with unique attributes being casted for shows and shoots, this means that we’re finally experiencing change in beauty standards. A more androgynous look has been more popular in the fashion industry, other attributes include birthmarks, gap teeth, a bald head and so much more. Some of my favorite models are Slick Woods (Simone Thompson), Adwoa Aboah, and Braina Laviena.

Slick Woods unique attributes have captured the attention of Rihanna, Moschino and many other brands, her retro street style is immaculate (seen in her instagram @slickwoods) she mixes a 90s aesthetic with hot off the runway garments. Adwoa Aboah (@adwoaaboah) is not only a model, she’s also a public speaker and spokeswoman for several topics like mental illness, women and gay rights, and many other causes. Her exotic attributes and perseverance have landed her deals with Fendi, Moschino, Burberry and many more. Braina Laviena (@brainalaviena) defied the odds of coming from a small city in Puerto Rico and became the muse for Yeezy Season 1 and was featured in Season 2 & 3. The model, photographer and cat lady has collaborated with Kanye West in his first Yeezy collection, she has been featured in Aldo and Good American campaigns. These women are changing the fashion industry as we know it..


Style Icon: Rihanna

My personal Style Icon has to be Robyn Rihanna Fenty, this woman has been a trail blazer in the music, fashion and beauty industry. After a successful career in music she decided to enter the fashion world by collaborating with Puma and creating her own shoe line, she debuted her first clothing collection with Puma in 2016 and it’s been a hit ever since. She later released Fenty Beauty in 2017 which was a riot in the beauty community because of her iconic “Trophy Wife” highlighter and wide range of foundations, 40 to be exact. Rihanna is an unapologetic risk taker, this translates and influences her fashion sense, her style is definitely out of the box with bold colors, different silhouettes and overall sex appeal, she doesn’t care about the critics, she wears whatever she wants whenever and where ever, and that’s why we love Rihanna. Her confidence and attitude carry these bold outfits tremendously, she can talk the talk and walk the walk…fiercely. Here are some of my favorite outfits from the iconic Miss Rihanna..



The Oversized Denim Jacket

I know Spring is approaching but that doesn’t mean that we’re over layers. The denim jacket has made a comeback since last year, and it’s not going anywhere. This statement piece keeps us fashionably warm during this transitional season and it’s an incredible chameleon garment to have in your closet. The denim jacket fits almost any aesthetic and is incredibly versatile, for maximum customization paint it yourself or stick some studs and safety pins into it, go crazy with it. There are hundreds of shades of denim from  muted pastel blue to deep royal blue, the outfit combinations are limitless with this multi-functional garment. This must have piece can be paired with virtually anything, tight or t-shirt dresses, black, printed, or khaki pants, denim jeans for the denim on denim look, and so much more..