These Thigh High Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Thigh high boots have been trending for the past two years and they aren’t going anywhere, the newest variation of this is a straight and wider silhouette. Versace featured embellished boots for their SS 17′ and Pre Fall 18′ collection, meanwhile Off-White included the straight boot in their RTW 18′ collection last February. Other major brands like Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Balmain, Balenciaga and Elie Saab have incorporated this statement boot into their 2018 collections, so grab a pair and rock em’!



The Fila Comeback

The 90s trends revival have brought back brands into style like Adidas, Reebok and now Fila. Retro street wear has been trending for the past year thanks to artists, stylists, bloggers, and models who influence what’s in style. Fila is now making a comeback and they’re delivering amazing and minimalistic sportswear items with bold colors and strategic color-blocking. Common and important pieces in all of their collections include jackets, t-shirts, sweatpants and their iconic “Disruptor” sneaker which are a must have statement shoe they’re incredibly chunky and comfy.



Pastels for Spring

Spring is around the corner and you know what that means? Pastels, Florals and bright colors will be in all of our wardrobes. Pastels are a staple in spring, pink, blue and lilac are easy going colors that can be combined with anything, a dark denim, white pants, or even a black bomber jacket. You can even incorporate pastels in a subtle way with sneakers, a bag, or a hat, the possibilities are endless! Here are some stylish spring looks..



Reebok Classics Are Making a Comeback…

Sneakers are the latest trend these days, they’re comfortable, stylish and practical for the daily, recently stars have been collaborating with brands to create new designs. Kanye for Adidas, Rihanna for Puma and now Gigi Hadid for Reebok. Gigi being the new spokesperson for Reebok is going to re-vamp the brand, and I see them making a huge comeback for 2017 just like Adidas has been doing in these past years. Reebok Classics are coming in trendy colors such as pastel pink, blue, lavender, gold and silver, making them a  must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. These sneakers look great with anything, your favorite jeans and a big chunky jacket will be a bold casual look, a bomber jacket and ripped jeans or even a body-con dress would look great with these neutral sneakers. Here are some must have pairs of Reebok Classics..


Trend Alert: Chunky Shoes

Chunky shoes have been trending for a while and they’re here to stay. They were all over the runway this past New York Fashion Week so you know what that means; they’re trending. Clunky platforms and chunky straps, are the main focus for these statement shoes. How do you wear them? Easy, with something super basic, black jeans, leggings, a tank and a cool faux leather jacket or a bomber jacket, keep it simple and neutral, we don’t want take the attention away from these statement piece. Here are some super chunky shoes for you bold gals..


Now Trending: Adidas

It’s pretty obvious that Adidas sneakers are trending; they’re all I see as soon as I leave my house! They’re on every celebrity and most importantly: They’re affordable. These sneakers are a stylish investment that match with almost everything. Weather you want them to be a statement or another neutral piece in your wardrobe, they come in all colors from yellow to grey, the possibilities are endless. Wear them with a dress, jeans, leggings, or just about anything! Here are some of my favorites..



Now Trending: The Strapped Heel

The strapped heel is now trending! We’ve been seeing this classic style on the runway, celebrities, stores and on the street; they’re everywhere. These heels can match with any outfit; from ripped jeans to a bodycon dress. Use these heels as a bold pop of color or a subtle addition to your outfit; you cannot to wrong with these heels! Here are some styles of the classic strapped heel..