A Shady Summer…

Colored shades are everywhere and we’re living for them. This early 2000’s staple is coming back in all the classic colors like pink, blue, yellow and many more, this time around they’re coming in all shapes and sizes. Thin rectangles, cat eye, big aviators, you name it there’s pair of sunglasses to match your outfit with. Here are some glasses we’re loving…



Pastels for Spring

Spring is around the corner and you know what that means? Pastels, Florals and bright colors will be in all of our wardrobes. Pastels are a staple in spring, pink, blue and lilac are easy going colors that can be combined with anything, a dark denim, white pants, or even a black bomber jacket. You can even incorporate pastels in a subtle way with sneakers, a bag, or a hat, the possibilities are endless! Here are some stylish spring looks..



Color of the Week: Rose Quartz

Hey my fashion dolls! I’m back with my new Color of the Week Series, this time for Spring/Summer 2016. My first color of the series is Rose Quartz: a gorgeous nude blush tone perfect for these transitioning months from winter to spring. Why is that? Because it’s a neutral color that can be combined with other neutral tones like grey, beige, tope, white, black and even navy blue. This nude blush tone looks gorgeous against any skin color, all the way from fair to dark skin. Not only that, it adds a delicate touch to any outfit, you can wear it as a dress, blouse, jacket, and it’s going to automatically make you look classy. Here are some examples of how wear this weeks color..



Color of the Week: Cashmere Rose

I’m back! And I’m here to bring you guys the fall color of the week: Cashmere Rose or what we call “baby pink”. Pink in fall? Yes, it can be done. Nude tones of pink are in year round, this delicate pink is so neutral that it can be worn year round. So don’t be afraid to use your pink pieces; match them with any neutral tone: grey, white, navy blue, beige, black, even a light shade of camo green. Here are some ways to look pretty in pink..