Pastels for Spring

Spring is around the corner and you know what that means? Pastels, Florals and bright colors will be in all of our wardrobes. Pastels are a staple in spring, pink, blue and lilac are easy going colors that can be combined with anything, a dark denim, white pants, or even a black bomber jacket. You can even incorporate pastels in a subtle way with sneakers, a bag, or a hat, the possibilities are endless! Here are some stylish spring looks..



Color of the Week: Rose Quartz

Hey my fashion dolls! I’m back with my new Color of the Week Series, this time for Spring/Summer 2016. My first color of the series is Rose Quartz: a gorgeous nude blush tone perfect for these transitioning months from winter to spring. Why is that? Because it’s a neutral color that can be combined with other neutral tones like grey, beige, tope, white, black and even navy blue. This nude blush tone looks gorgeous against any skin color, all the way from fair to dark skin. Not only that, it adds a delicate touch to any outfit, you can wear it as a dress, blouse, jacket, and it’s going to automatically make you look classy. Here are some examples of how wear this weeks color..



Winter is Here!

Winter is here and so am I, pardon the Holiday vacations! Winter is finally here and with a vengeance. I’m currently freezing my butt in this 60 degree Miami weather, I can’t imagine any of you guys! What can you wear for this ice cold weather? Well, layers of fashionable clothes! Winter is all about layers on layers. Quick tip: If it’s freezing wherever you live start with a tank-top and leggings as a base, it adds a bit of extra warmth. Oversized sweaters are currently trending accompanied by a big coat. Boots, sneakers and any closed toe shoe helps you keep your feet warm, wear double socks if needed. Beanies, caps and hats will keep you warm as well as scarves. Remember to keep all of these pieces neutral, we don’t want to have too much going on; use colors like: grey, black, beige, white, navy blue, and brown. Here are some examples of how to bundle up this winter season..Hope you stay warm!



Color of the Week: Desert Sage

This weeks color is Desert Sage; a beautiful light shade of green that is now trending! You’ve seen it on the runway, you’ve seen it on celebrities and now i’m going to show you how to rock that desert sage. This color is on the more neutral side of the Pantone Fall 2015 palette so you might want to use it with toned down colors and prints. Pair this soft green with black, beige, and grey; this color is pretty modern and edgy so try to embrace your architectural side and be daring. Here are some desert sage colored outfits for you guys..


Color of the Week: Reflecting Pond

This weeks Pantone color of the week is “Reflecting Pond” or what we call Navy Blue. Navy Blue is a sophisticated color everybody should have in their wardrobe for fall or any season. This shade of blue matches well with subtle prints and colors; this is not a color to go crazy with, so no color pops nor crazy prints. A fitted navy blue blazer is a must in anyones closet; match it with a white blouse and some black pants and you’ve got yourself an outfit that says “authority”. Here are some ways that you can incorporate navy blue to your style..


Color of the Week: Oak Buff

Our Pantone Fall 2015 color of the week is “Oak Buff” or as we call it beige. The color beige has been trending for a while now mostly seen in tight body suits but I’m going to show you different ways you can look bold in beige. This color is relatively neutral which means that it matches with any print or color. I prefer color blocking it with other neutrals for a fall look and prints for a summer look; layer a beige coat on top jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers or strappy pumps. One of the perks of the  color beige is that it’s a casual color that can be dressed up or dressed down. Here are some ways you can be bold in beige..


Color of the Week: Marsala

This Weeks color is the color of the year: Marsala. This tone of burgundy/red has been trending since early this yeah and it’s time to talk about it. Marsala is the epitome of fall/winter, it’s a dark tone of red promotes sophistication, seduction, and elegance, it’s color that matches with navy blue, dark green, black, white, grey, nude, and much more! Marsala is a color that will instantly give you a boost of sophistication with a fierce and trendy twist, perfect for the professional woman on the go. Wear it as a blazer, faux-leather jacket, sweater, or even statement trousers. Here are some examples of how you can incorporate the color Marsala into your wardrobe..