Art for Sale by Yours Truly

Besides from being a fashion student and part time blogger I do some artwork in my spare time and recently have accumulated a series of pieces for sale..

For my first piece I am selling a 30X40 Abstract Acrylic on Canvas inspired by earth tones and round shapes. This is a perfect accent for any type of family room, it’s neutral tones will compliment any interior aesthetic.

image (9)2

My second piece is a series of 3 12×36 Canvas handmade Mixed Media. Ombre effect from red to yellow perfect for that pop in your space, I created a circular illusion in this series of 3 that resembles a droplet effect. This striking color incorporates a bold statement to any space!

image (10)2

And for my third piece I’ve created a Series of four 20×16 canvases which put together assemble a purple rose. Paper from an old novel of mine was glued onto the canvases to create an authentic look, acrylic was my media of choice. I incorporated a lot of contrast so it would have a three dimensional perspective to it. Overall the piece is 40×36.

image (19)

For prices or inquiries don’t hesitate to contact me at: