Style Icon: Tyler the creator

California based rapper Tyler the creator has been creating waves with his fashion sense since the beginning of his musical career. His colorful suburban aesthetic have inspired the youth to stick to classic silhouettes with bright colors. Tyler has always used fashion as a way to express himself and even created his own clothing brand titled GOLF which has gotten huge support from Kanye West and best friend Kendall Jenner. His last SS18′ collection showed during NYFW last February where skating and riding bikes was the norm in that catwalk. Tyler ever performed and gave out CDs of his to the audience, he featured bright shades of yellow, blue and green and several short pants and t-shirts in different prints and colors. GOLF is a fun and happy brand that everyone should definitely check out..





Work that Patch

A reoccurring trend throughout the years is patchwork, every time more elevated and modern than the last season. Patchwork is needlework in which small pieces of cloth in different designs, colors or textures are sewn together into a one of a kind garment. Luxury brands like Chloé, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent have featured patchwork on their collections as well as the streetwear brand “Supreme” which released a collection  that included pieces made with this technique. Patchwork can be used with anything imaginable, denim, plaid, floral, color blocking, you name it, this technique isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…



Color of 2018: Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet has been named the color of 2018 and what an electric shade of purple it is! This bold tone sets the mood for a modern technology driven 2018 and stars have embraced it. Style icon Rihanna has embraced it creating a new lip color for her Fenty collection and featuring it in her PUMAXFENTY SS18 collection this past fashion week season. Something tells me that this vivid color isn’t going anywhere..




Recently texts have been popular on brands like Balenciaga, Moschino and Puma, we’ve seen them on shoes, bags, jackets and everything in between. Some texts are an accent, some are the statement element of the garment, messages can get political or complete satire, texts can be sprayed on, painted, printed, or sewed on. Make a statement this upcoming season and DIY it yourself onto your garment..



Art for Sale by Yours Truly

Besides from being a fashion student and part time blogger I do some artwork in my spare time and recently have accumulated a series of pieces for sale..

For my first piece I am selling a 30X40 Abstract Acrylic on Canvas inspired by earth tones and round shapes. This is a perfect accent for any type of family room, it’s neutral tones will compliment any interior aesthetic.

image (9)2

My second piece is a series of 3 12×36 Canvas handmade Mixed Media. Ombre effect from red to yellow perfect for that pop in your space, I created a circular illusion in this series of 3 that resembles a droplet effect. This striking color incorporates a bold statement to any space!

image (10)2

And for my third piece I’ve created a Series of four 20×16 canvases which put together assemble a purple rose. Paper from an old novel of mine was glued onto the canvases to create an authentic look, acrylic was my media of choice. I incorporated a lot of contrast so it would have a three dimensional perspective to it. Overall the piece is 40×36.

image (19)

For prices or inquiries don’t hesitate to contact me at: