Unconventional Beauty: Models to Follow

Society has it’s standards of what’s beautiful, hour-glass figure, clear skin, perfect teeth, long luscious hair, the list goes on and on but millennials are changing these standards. The perspective on beauty is changing, and I’m here for it. Every day we see new models with unique attributes being casted for shows and shoots, this means that we’re finally experiencing change in beauty standards. A more androgynous look has been more popular in the fashion industry, other attributes include birthmarks, gap teeth, a bald head and so much more. Some of my favorite models are Slick Woods (Simone Thompson), Adwoa Aboah, and Braina Laviena.

Slick Woods unique attributes have captured the attention of Rihanna, Moschino and many other brands, her retro street style is immaculate (seen in her instagram @slickwoods) she mixes a 90s aesthetic with hot off the runway garments. Adwoa Aboah (@adwoaaboah) is not only a model, she’s also a public speaker and spokeswoman for several topics like mental illness, women and gay rights, and many other causes. Her exotic attributes and perseverance have landed her deals with Fendi, Moschino, Burberry and many more. Braina Laviena (@brainalaviena) defied the odds of coming from a small city in Puerto Rico and became the muse for Yeezy Season 1 and was featured in Season 2 & 3. The model, photographer and cat lady has collaborated with Kanye West in his first Yeezy collection, she has been featured in Aldo and Good American campaigns. These women are changing the fashion industry as we know it..


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