Now Trending: Quilted Everything!

Hey Gals! Today is stepped outside of my doorstep and was greeted by Fall/Winter weather, you know what that means? Yes, time to pull out my official Fall/Winter wardrobe. Luckily since I live in the lovely tropical city of Miami I don’t have to suit up that much, but jackets are necessary. Today I’ll be talking to you guys about quilted everything and how it’s trending. We’ve seen quilted purses jackets, skirts, shirts and even pants, and now’s the time to embrace it. The quilted bomber jacket is having a moment, this versatile quilted piece matches with jeans, body-con dresses, and basically anything form fitting. Quilted dresses, skirts and tops are also very much in style, and can be paired up with anything as long as they are form fitting, you don’t want to look like a bulky marshmallow with too much volume going on. Here are some ways to wear quilted pieces this Fall/Winter..


Now Trending: Athleisure

“Athleisure” is the new trend sweeping, what is it? It’s the cross between activewear and casual ready to wear. It’s the “just got out of the gym” look, and boy is it trending. How to rock this trend? Easy, just wear the comfiest leggings you got and wear a tank top with a jacket, this look is most popular in colors like black, grey, and other dark neutral tones. Don’t forget about your sneakers! They’re the last touch to add to your athletic, relaxed outfit. Here are some sporty trendy gals…


Plus Fall Fashion

Being a full figured woman shouldn’t stop you from being fashionable ladies! Fall is a great season to try dark, slimming colors. Colors such as black, burgundy, dark olive green, navy blue, and much more. Anything that accentuates your natural waist is your best friend, pants, skirts, rompers, and dresses. For this fall weather try not to wear several bulky pieces, try something fitted that accentuates your curves and one piece to keep you warm like a cardigan or a long, warm coat.  Don’t be scared to show your curves, wear that tight black dress you got and work it! Here are some gorgeous curvy ladies..



Color of the Week: Amethyst Orchid

This weeks color of the week is Amethyst Orchid or what we call Lilac; I’ll be taking this shade of purple to what’s trending in hair. You’ve seen this hair color everywhere from Pinterest to Tumblr, pastel purple hair is in and has been in for a while now. It sure is a commitment but oh boy is it a fashion statement, the room will revolve around you! I don’t see this fun and funky trend dying out soon so step outside of the box and try something new! Here are some ladies rocking their purple hair..


Fall Essentials: Faux Leather Jacket

I’ve decided to create a new series of things I think are essential for this Fall season. My first piece will be the faux leather jacket, the cruelty free and trendy piece to keep us warm this fall. You can literally wear this piece with you’re PJ’s and you can look good, this is a piece that automatically makes you look good! Pair it with ripped jeans, a body-con dress, or a skirt; use boots for an edgy look, strappy sandals for a formal look or even sneakers for a laid-back look. The possibilities for that versatile piece are endless. Here are some ways you can use your faux leather jacket…


Color of the Week: Cashmere Rose

I’m back! And I’m here to bring you guys the fall color of the week: Cashmere Rose or what we call “baby pink”. Pink in fall? Yes, it can be done. Nude tones of pink are in year round, this delicate pink is so neutral that it can be worn year round. So don’t be afraid to use your pink pieces; match them with any neutral tone: grey, white, navy blue, beige, black, even a light shade of camo green. Here are some ways to look pretty in pink..