Now Trending: Neoprene

From being used as scuba suits to being the latest trend! This sleek rubber-like fabric has been trending for a while now, it’s simple sophisticated look makes anyone look chic and put together. It’s commonly used as a way to color block with other colors because of the simpleness of the fabric, since the fabric is not a flexible one it’s difficult to have intricate cuts, details and draping to it, so it’s better used fitted to the body or loose. A Neoprene blouse can be paired with jeans or leggings and sneakers, fierce boot or a platform shoe. A dress on the other hand can be paired with a clutch and pointy-toed heels..Here are some examples of how to wear the Neoprene trend..


M.I.A in Miami

Hello my fashionable readers! I’m sorry I’ve been Missing In Action for the past couple of months. As you know I reside in
Miami and I’m currently working on my Bachelors degree in Fashion Design, and boy has school made me busy. I’ve majorly bettered my illustration, design, and sewing skills! But I will start giving my page and you guys love..for now here are some of my illustrations so you get an idea of what I’ve been up to..