The Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a perfect piece for this fall/winter; it makes you look edgy while keeping you warm. This piece has endless possibilities: wear it with jeans, a basic top, a scarf and some flats or wear it on a night out with a dress and leggings. Leather jackets come in many colors, brown is the perfect color for this fall season; if you’re planning on wearing one use it with neutral colors..Here are some ways to use your leather jacket..


All Black Everything

Black is a year-round color trend used world-wide; black is a fabulous color to wear, it makes you look classy, sophisticated AND slim! The color black has the power to make you look way slimmer than you are; it works as a optical illusion, many stars love to wear black because of that. There’s no such thing as too much black; wear a cute black dress with some black leggings, black cardigan and a black boot or even black jeans with a black top and a black leather jacket. The combinations are endless..just try not to look like a goth queen. Here are some examples of how to wear black..


Recent Artwork

I’ve been missing; that means I’ve been creating and boy have I. Everything from paintings to drawings to fashion sketches; have I been busy. I’ve also been enrolled in the Miami International University of Art & Design and will now be Miami based until further notice..Here are a look at my latest creations..


2014-10-03 16.02.47