The Romper

The Romper, a summer favorite is an easy and so stylish outfit you can throw on and keep walking. This 2-in-1 outfits is easily paired with anything; the possibilities are endless. The romper can be accessorized with a belt, a cardigan, a statement necklace, or maybe a cute bag. Here are some ideas on how to style your romper..


Summer Print: Pineapples!

Pineapples, Pineapples everywhere! One print you must have this summer are pineapples, the delicious and refreshing fruit has been turned into a print and it’s a must have. You can find the fruit in shirts, dresses, rompers, skirts and even purses. Don’t know how to rock such a bold print? Simple, match it with a solid color, try not to look like a crazy fruit lady..Here, I’ll show you some cute examples on how you can pull off such a daring fruit:



Now Trending: Gladiator Sandals

They’re back! The Gladiator Sandals are back for the summer to decorate our calfs with intricate designs. Pair your sandals with shorts or a short dress; let the sandal be the statement, you don’t want to carry a heavy outfit and top it off with a gladiator sandal, it’ll just be a disaster..Look at how these females perfectly assemble an outfit with their sandals..


Flashback Friday: The 90s

The glorious 90s, the era where we’d wake up early on a saturday morning, grab some cereal and watch cartoons all day long. The simpler times were brands didn’t really matter and you could wear a simple t-shirt or just a floral dress and some wedge platform sneakers. Grunge was so in the 90s; chokers, heavy jewelry, and dark plaid. The 90s is being recreated today by trendy girls everywhere and here’s how some pulled it off..



The Appeal of a Hat

Having a “Bad Hair Day”? Don’t panic, you can fix it with a hat. Hats are a mysterious accessory that can easily compliment an outfit and hide our bad hair days. Luckily Hats are in this summer with these incredibly sunny days; oversized wool and felt hats are specifically in style; colors such as tan, burgundy, maroon, black and grey are the ones you want to go for. You can easily dress down with some shorts and throw in a hat if you’re too lazy to brush your hair or you can dress it up by wearing a jacket and some black jeans..Here are some examples on how some lovely ladies wore their hats: